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AOCPRM 2020 International Conference April 20 Update: Proceed as Scheduled in July 2020

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    2020-04-17 00:00
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The AOCPRM 2020 Organizing Committee have been closely monitoring the ongoing pandemic of coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). As the global impact grows daily, our priority is always the health and safety of our community and participants.


In Korea, we suffered the most at the beginning of our COVID-19 outbreak, but thanks to the timely efforts of the Korean government and healthcare professionals, we have been able to stabilize the situation. Although it is still not totally behind us, we expect everything to improve and normalize gradually.

The organizing committee’s main concern has been the safe and successful hosting of AOCPRM 2020. We will continue with all our efforts in planning AOCPRM 2020 rescheduled in July and look forward to having you join us. We will let you know immediately if there is any change in the situation. If the conference is cancelled, a full refund will be made available to everyone.

Let us stand together as we play our role in the pandemic today and let us hope we emerge tomorrow on the other side stronger, wiser, and closer at AOCPRM 2020.

The AOCPRM 2020 organizing committee will be contacting you with updates.

Once again, stay safe and healthy, and we look forward to meeting you at AOCPRM 2020.