Invited Speakers

  • Plenary Session
  • Parallel Session
  • Robotic Assisted Training in Neurorehabilitation Alberto Esquenazi MossRehab and Einstein Healthcare Network USA
  • State of the Art: Wearable Robot for Enhancing Gait Yun-Hee Kim Samsung Medical Center Korea
  • The Role of Nutrition in the Pathogenesis and Treatment of Sarcopenia Jean Woo The Chinese University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Can Exercise Change the Course of Sarcopenia? Walter R. Frontera President, International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine USA

Parallel Session

New Technology for Dysphagia

  • Dynamic CT for dysphagia evaluation Eiichi Saitoh Fujita Health University Japan
  • rTMS for dysphagia treatment Jin-Woo Park Dongguk University Ilsan Hospital Korea
  • Application of tDCS in post-stroke dysphagia Dongyu Wu Wnagjing Hospital of China China

Parallel Session

Emerging Issues in Rehabilitation after Traumatic Brain Injury

  • Post-traumatic headaches: Natural history, evaluation and management Thomas Watanabe MossRehab USA

Parallel Session

Ultrasound Guided Intervention

  • Ultrasound guided intervention for Spinal lesion Levent Ozcakar Hacettepe University Turkey
  • Ultrasound-guided intervention for upper limb Gi-Young Park Daegu Catholic University Hospital Korea
  • Ultrasound-guided intervention for lower limb muscle and nerve Tyng-Guey Wang National Taiwan University Taiwan

Parallel Session

Pediatric Rehabilitation

  • Early Identification and Intervention in Cerebral Palsy Eun Sook Park Severance Hospital Korea
  • Single Event Multi-Level Chemoneurolysis (SEMLC) –Botulinum toxin and beyond Heakyung Kim Columbia University Medical Center USA
  • Rehabilitation Management for Survivors of Thalidomide Embryopathy Nobuhiko Haga The University of Tokyo Hospital Japan

Parallel Session

Critical Care Rehabilitation

  • Noninvasive Respiratory Management of Ventilatory Pump Failure John Robert Bach Rutgers University New Jersey Medical School USA
  • The Effectiveness and Safety of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Program in the Intensive Care Unit Willy Chou Chia Li Chi Mei Hospital Taiwan
  • How to expand the scope of rehabilitation in ICU: early prevention of medical and musculoskeletal complications Hyung-Ik Shin Seoul National University Hospital Korea

Parallel Session

New Trend of Cancer Rehabilitation

  • Multidisciplinary Rehabilitation in Women Following Breast Cancer Treatment Fary Khan Royal Melbourne Hospital Australia
  • The Front Line of Cancer Rehabilitation in Japan: Current status and Future Issues Tetsuya Tsuji Keio University School of Medicine Japan
  • Mobile Health (mHealth) Application for Cancer Survivors Ji Hye Hwang Samsung Medical Center Korea

Parallel Session

Disaster Rehabilitation

  • Developing Mental Resilience in Medical Rehabilitation: A Priority in a Climate Changed World Filipinas G. Ganchoon Philippine Academy of Rehabilitation Medicine Philippines
  • The Role of Rehabilitation Professionals when faced with a Disaster Meigen Liu Keio University School of Medicine Japan
  • Chinese Experience in long-term rehabilitation from Earthquake – 20 years follow-up Jianan Li Nanjing Medical University China

Parallel Session

Update on Management of spinal pain

  • Peripheral and Central Mechnisms of Spinal Pain Reynaldo R. Rey-Matias Asian Oceanian Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine Philippines
  • Interventional management of chronic spinal pain Sang-Heon Lee Korea University Hospital Korea
  • Advanced Rehabilitation for Chronic Pain : Evidences and Experiences Areerat Suputtitada Chulalongkorn University Thailand

Parallel Session

Non-invasive Neuromoduation in Rehabilitation

  • Paired Vagal Neuromodulation and Upper Limb Rehabilitation in Chronic Stroke Recovery Gerard E. Francisco University of Texas Health Science Center USA
  • Neuromodulation for cognitive impairment Myoung-Hwan Ko Chonbuk National University Hospital Korea
  • Neuromodulation for Motor Impairment Masahiro Abo The Jikei University School of Medicine Japan

Parallel Session

Technology and Rehabilitation

  • Brain–machine interfaces for rehabilitation of poststroke hemiplegia Junich Ushiba Keio University Japan
  • BCI-Based Strategies on Stroke Rehabilitation with Avatar and FES Feedback Jing Jin East China University of Science and Technology China
  • Telerehabilitation: Future Challenges Nam-Jong Paik Seoul National University Bundang Hospital Korea

Parallel Session

Update on Stroke Rehabilitation

  • Hi or Low Tech in Stroke Rehabilitation Leonard Li The University of Hong Kong Hong Kong
  • Robotics in Stroke Rehabilitation Min Ho Chun Asan Medical Center Korea
  • The balance control in stroke rehabilitation Bijan Forogh Iran University of Medical Sciences Iran

Parallel Session

Motor Recovery after Spinal Cord Injury

  • Developing innovative approaches to tackling the debilitating problem of chronic pain following spinal cord injury James Middleton The University of Sydney Australia
  • Management of Neuropathic Pain after SCI: Review of Practice Guidelines Nan Liu Peking University Third Hospital China
  • Cardiovascular instability and management in tetraplegics Hyun-Yoon Ko Pusan National University Yangsan Hospital Korea

Parallel Session

Regeneration Medicine in Rehabilitation

  • Novel Technologies for Functional Restoration after Spinal Cord Injury Jung Keun Hyun Dankook University Hospital Korea
  • Cell therapy in chronic stroke patients Shinnzong Lin China Medical University Hospital Taiwan
  • Rehabilitation and regeneration of peripheral nerve injury Ryosuke Ikeguchi Kyoto University Hospital Japan

Parallel Session

From Diagnosis to Treatment of Entrapment Neuropathy

  • Inching technique for the assessment of entrapment neuropathies Jun Kimura University of IOWA Hospitals & Clinics Japan
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: Back to Basic Hang-Jae Lee Korea University Anam Hospital Korea
  • Perineural injection with 5% dextrose and PRP for carpal tunnel syndrome: A novel treatment Yung-Tsan Wu National Defense Medical Center Taiwan

Parallel Session - Special Session

Leadership and Future of Asia-Oceania Rehabilitation

  • Indonesian PMR facing Social Economical Cutural Geographical Challenges Angela Tulaar University of Indonesia Indonesia
  • International cooperation for Research in Asian countries Masami Akai International University of Health and Welfare Japan
  • National Thai FLS Sukajan Pongprapai Prince of Songkla University Thailand
  • John Olver Epworth HealthCare Australia
  • Echo-guided injection for joint deformity and contracture Simon Fuk Tan Tang Chang Gung University Taiwan
  • What is the key issue to develope PRM in AOSPRM Chang-il Park Myungji Choonhey Hospital Korea
  • New challenge and opportunity for rehabilitation medicine in 5G era Jianan Li Nanjing Medical University China